Welcome to CSU Rental Search! CSU Rental Search gives students access to rental listings accessible only by students. The goal of CSU Rental Search is to help students find a place to rent in an easy to use format.

Students: All CSU students have access to view vacant listings, vacant rooms in a property, and potential roommate listings. CSU students also have access to list in any of these categories; simply click the login tab and enter your eid and password!

Property Owners/Managers: Registering with CSU RentalSearch is free to property owners who want to advertise to students. Simply click the login tab and then select the “create an account” option. If you have created an account on the Rental Search website, click the login tab to login.
This service is brought to you by Off-Campus Life at Colorado State University. If you have questions about the service or are looking for more information about moving off campus or other resources to find a place to live, visit ocl.colostate.edu, email ocl@colostate.edu, or give us a call at (970) 491-2248.